Out of the past

October 6, 2010

I really liked this movie.  I know if  it was the cinematography of the scenic views  but it made the film look more like the movies that we watch today.  I even saw a shot from the outside of a moving bus in the beginning when Bailey is heading down to Mexico.  The shots in Mexico and the scenery seemed to be a bit brighter, i guess setting the mood of bright sunny Mexico.  I also saw the first room full of African Americans in the night club that Bailey went to.  That has’t been shown in the movies we have seen so far.  It also seemed to me that in the editing there was more of a fading transitions from one scene to another.  I think it is also the first time that we have seen a film that a gun is actually seen firing because in the other films I think it was only the sound that we hear.

I also really liked the comparison between the “good girl” in the film and the “bad girl”.  They were complete opposite in every aspect,  one was blonde,seemed young and naive and lived at home with her parents; and the other was a brunette, dressed in more revealing clothes, she also would smoke, drink alcohol , and gamble.  The part that shows what happens to the “bad girl” reminded me of The Public Enemy in that the “bad guy” has a tragic death.

The story line was also pretty good.  I found that it was a little difficult to tell the difference between past and the present in the flash back scenes but maybe that was just me.  Other than that I really enjoyed the film.

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5 Responses to “Out of the past”

  1.   shayna Says:

    I really didn’t notice the comparison made between the blonde “good girl” and the brunette “bad girl” until I read your post. The bad girl from Lady Eve was also a brunette.

  2.   Amy Herzog Says:

    Glad you pointed out the scene in the African-American club– while very limited in terms of importance and screen time, it is significant that we see African-American characters here as real people. This was not an entirely common practice at the time, although roles were beginning to expand after the war.

  3.   zen629 Says:

    I do like the story of “Out of the past” but I don’t like the tragic ending of Bailey. Poor Ann is waiting for Bailey to come back and she deeply believe that Bailey will not go away with Kathie. Unfortunately, Bailey get shot and poor Ann still want to prove that Bailey is in love with her, not Kathie. But the kid lie to Ann and say Bailey decided go away with Kathie. I think it is so sad and touching, this is a beautiful lie.

  4.   Sinyee Cindy Leung Says:

    I think what makes Kathie bad is that she does things which usually men would do, like smoking, drinking alcohol and using violence.

  5.   dmaldonado Says:

    I definitely agree that this film was more violent than the other films we have seen so far. We actually see the person getting shot as opposed to just hearing the shot and then cutting to a scene of the person dead.

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