Umberto D

October 20, 2010

I really liked this movie.  I think the main character being an older man makes you feel more compassion towards him, you can also feel that he has a good heart even though he acts tough at times.  I felt the same way about the maid, thought that she put up a front in hiding her emotions but we get to see her feelings of fear and sadness in the scene where she makes the coffee.  I really liked the dog Flike too, I think at times he stole the show and made me forget what a sad movie this really was.  One thing that I did not understand in this film was the relationship between the land lady and Umberto.  I remember him mentioning that he helped her out during the war when she was young and now he couldn’t understand why she treated him like that.  I also think that the most powerful scene was where Umberto was standing on the train tracks with the dog ready to kill himself.  This scene really stayed in my head.  I found it interesting how Umberto spent so much energy trying to find a good home for Flike when he made the decision to kill himself and ultimately decided to take his dog’s life along with his own when he couldn’t find anyone that would take care of him.  And at the end it was Flike that saved Umberto’s life by running away from the tracks.

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2 Responses to “Umberto D”

  1.   mjanczewski Says:

    I definitely agree with you that Flike stole the show at times. Even though he’s an animal, you can really feel his emotions when Umberto was about to walk onto the tracks. Flike knew what was going on and prevented Umberto’s death. That scene was so intense it almost drowned the viewer with deep emotion and concern.

  2.   dbanegas100 Says:

    I agree with what you had to say about this film. Especially when we felt compassion towards Umberto. He was in a tough situation in which he couldn’t get enough money to pay his monthly rent. The reason why we felt compassion towards Umberto was probably because we have been through certain situations in which we do not feel complete until we have that missing something. And in Umberto’s case, it seemed that he needed money, but he realized that happiness and love is what matters most and he found that when his dog saved his life.

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