Duck and Cover

October 27, 2010

I thought this was great, I really doubt that a desk can keep you safe from an atomic bomb but this film actually had me believing that I would be safe if I duck and cover.  I think that this video was really made for keeping the public calm during a time of uncertainty and the cartoons in the film I think takes away from the seriousness and makes you feel that an atomic bomb really is no big deal, that is just causes burns so you have to cover your skin.

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One Response to “Duck and Cover”

  1.   dbanegas100 Says:

    Duck and Cover was very entertaining and i agree with what you said about a desk saving your life. There is no way that a piece of wood is going to prevent you from getting hurt and burned. Although at the time is was an educational short film, i found it a bit funny and entertaining. I guess we will never know what to do if we were to get hit by an atomic bomb but if all else fails, remember to duck and cover.

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