Invasion of the Body snatchers

October 27, 2010

I really enjoyed this film, this was my first time watching it and I thought it was really good.  I think the cinematography was great and the music really added to the suspense and feeling of anxiousness.  This was also the first time, from all the films that we have seen, that I saw a camera view from inside a moving car from the back seat and towards the windshield.  The windshield looked as if was a projection of some sort and not the actual view.  I also felt that there might have been sort of a second meaning behind this film.  For some reason the idea of communism and the “blacklisting” that happened during that time came to my mind.  It was almost like the “evil” of communism was spreading and was almost contagious and anyone could have been a communist or in this case an alien and there was no real way of telling, I dont know I might be the only one but that was just an idea.  I really enjoyed the scene at the end where the main character is running through the traffic and he is screaming into the camera “you’re next”, that really stayed in my mind because you can really see the feeling of helplessness that no one was listening to him.  The way that the camera was angled low and then the closeup on his face when he screams really added so much to the feel of this scene.

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One Response to “Invasion of the Body snatchers”

  1.   Amy Herzog Says:

    Great observation regarding the shot from the moving car. What you saw was called “rear projection” and we’ll talk about that more over the coming weeks.

    And the political subtext is not your imagination– I think there are a few ways one can interpret the metaphor of an alien invasion here….

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