November 15, 2010

This was a great movie.  I remember watching this as a kid and not really liking it , but it wasn’t until I saw this in class now that I can appreciate the art behind this film.  There was no need for the gore and blood like other films, the cinematography and  music played during some scenes was enough to get me a little shook.  I really liked how the shower scene did not show the actual knife going into her and I honestly think that it would have been as scary.  I think that for this movie what is not seen and the unknown is suppose to scare you which I think works very well.  The scene where Arbogast gets killed is also a great part of the movie.  I like how much suspense there is as he slowly walks up the stairs, I also like how he fell down the stairs it was almost like he was gliding down with the camera following him.  I can also understand why there was such a bug deal made about missing the beginning of the film, I honestly believe that for me the most important scene was the introduction.  I feel like the music in the beginning and the lines going across the screen as the names of actors are being shown was great, I felt that it went so well with the theme of  this psychological thriller.  Also the first scene with the areal view of Arizona and the just the zooming into the hotel window for me was very intense and I think just sets the mood for the rest of the movie.  The acting was great too, I could really feel the tension between the actors in certain scenes and it was just real emotion.  Watching this film has actually made me want to watch more Alfred Hitchcock films because I really enjoyed this one.

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