Apna Desh

November 23, 2010

This was a great clip, I really wish that we could have seen this movie instead of Charulata.  I think that I was hyped up from the two clips of Mother India and Apna Desh with the bright colors and music that I couldn’t really concentrate on the black and white movie.  I really liked the dancing clip of Apna Desh, I think the music was really good and the colors and the dancing really captured my attention.  I felt like everything in this clip was over the top but i really enjoyed this because this is what I think of when I hear Bollywood movies.  I also liked how in the clip that we saw from Mother India that we can tell what is going on eve though there was no subtitles.  In this clip we can see how the “good guy” is dressed all in white and is singing to the leading lady, and the other man in this clip I think was the bad guy because he was kind of ugly and dressed in dirty clothes and when he would sing to the leading lady she would walk away.  It was hard for me to really appreciate the film Charulata because I was expecting a movie like Apna Desh and Mother India but I did like how it felt like a very realistic movie and you can see the reality of the kids in India and how much importance was put on the girl to find a husband and get married.

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3 Responses to “Apna Desh”

  1.   abethon Says:

    I completely agree. Bollywood has an amazing style, which usually revolves around the use of colors and dance sequences. I didn’t feel that the film we watched really gave us a feel of what Bollywood is mainly known for.

    If you liked that scene you should certainly check out some Bollywood films. My favorite actor is Aamir Khan, theirs honestly no movie of his that I have watched and disliked. I would recommend starting with 3 Idiots, Dil Chahta Hai and Ghajini.

  2.   jgarcia109 Says:

    The two film clips definitely set the tone for something different then what Charulata provided. That day in class was my first encounter with bollywood films and I would really like to see more of an upbeat classic bollywood film as opposed to what we saw. Charulata felt more like a bollywood version of umberto D. An interesting film is posted on Ikey’s blog called Sita Sings the Blues

  3.   jbmedst144 Says:

    yeah it did feel like a bollywood version of umberto D, and thanks I will check out the film on Ikey’s blog

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