La Jetée & Breathless

December 1, 2010

I thought La Jetée was very interesting.  I have never seen a film where the majority of it is still images.  I also found the mood of the film to be very eerie, with the dark images and the classical music and the mans voice narrating the story, I think that these elements really kept me watching the movie even though personally I did not find the plot very interesting.  Breathless was not my favorite film.  I found it hard to believe that the main character Michel was a “tough guy”.  To me he just didn’t fit the description of a criminal, unlike Public Enemy where the criminals had more of a “tough guy” look.  I also feel that the music in this film did not go with the seriousness of the plot.  For example the last scene where Michel get shot and is running down the street, I felt that the music was to upbeat for what was happening.

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5 Responses to “La Jetée & Breathless”

  1.   shayna Says:

    I agree with you that La Jetee was very interesting because it was done with all still images, and that the music created an eerie mood. As far as Breathless I think Godard put that upbeat music at the end of the film on purpose. I agree that it didn’t fit what was happening, but there was probably more behind why he made it that way.

  2.   zen629 Says:

    I like Breathless more than La Jetee. Honestly, I’m not really understand La Jetee’s plot and I think the man’s breathing sound in La Jetee is so annoying and give me the feeling like so uncomfortable. And about Breathless, even the plot is not really interesting for me but I do like the character’s personality is very cool and unique 🙂 I love them so much and the background music is great also, totally matching character’s personality and the nice view of Paris. Once again, love this movie so much.

  3.   Amy Herzog Says:

    I think the contradictions you were feeling when watching Breathless were definitely part of the desired affect– this was a film about turning the conventions of genre on their head, and toying with our expectations. And this can be frustrating– it keeps us from engaging with the film and characters in our customary, direct way.

    Glad you like La Jetée!

  4.   jbmedst144 Says:

    Yeah I guess you are right, maybe Godard was trying to set a certain mood but I personally didn’t get it but then again this was the first French movie that I have seen so maybe I’m just comparing it to other American films which I know I shouldn’t do.

  5.   jbmedst144 Says:

    I know my comment probably sounded like I was bashing this film but I didn’t mean for it to come across like that. The characters were interesting in their own way but it was just personally that I couldn’t feel the certain mood that I was hoping for from the film.

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