Bonnie and clyde

December 10, 2010

I really enjoyed this movie.  I liked all the hidden pieces of foreshadowing the death of the two so much so that it is almost not so shocking when it finally happens.  The two characters are very likable and make you forget how they have killed people.  The part that kind of stood out to me was Clyde’s behavior around Bonnie.  I can almost see Clyde as a young boy around a girl that he likes not even thinking about sex.  I’m not sure what the meaning is behind his feelings about sex but I think that since he spent some of his childhood in prison, that maybe he never got a chance to experience love as an adult and his mind set is still that of a child.  I also saw that when the store owner attacks him with the knife and he was honestly questioning why he attacked him if he meant him no harm.  At the same time we can see that Clyde has lived a harsh life that has left him paranoid and not trusting anyone, I saw this in the scene where everyone was sleeping but Clyde was pretending to snore but had his eyes open.  Bonnie was also a  great character, for a person who was never really around crime she took the killings and robbery so lightly like if nothing really phased her.  She was like a rock and thats why I think Clyde fell in love with her because he wanted a strong woman like that around him.  The different foreshadowing of the death of Bonnie and Clyde was great too, from the kid falling down the hill to the undertaker, it was almost like as soon as they started their crime spree, death was following them until they couldn’t hide from it anymore.  I never realized how good this movie was, I really enjoyed watching this film and I think it was a great end to a great class.

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