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Out of the past

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

I really liked this movie.  I know if  it was the cinematography of the scenic views  but it made the film look more like the movies that we watch today.  I even saw a shot from the outside of a moving bus in the beginning when Bailey is heading down to Mexico.  The shots in Mexico and the scenery seemed to be a bit brighter, i guess setting the mood of bright sunny Mexico.  I also saw the first room full of African Americans in the night club that Bailey went to.  That has’t been shown in the movies we have seen so far.  It also seemed to me that in the editing there was more of a fading transitions from one scene to another.  I think it is also the first time that we have seen a film that a gun is actually seen firing because in the other films I think it was only the sound that we hear.

I also really liked the comparison between the “good girl” in the film and the “bad girl”.  They were complete opposite in every aspect,  one was blonde,seemed young and naive and lived at home with her parents; and the other was a brunette, dressed in more revealing clothes, she also would smoke, drink alcohol , and gamble.  The part that shows what happens to the “bad girl” reminded me of The Public Enemy in that the “bad guy” has a tragic death.

The story line was also pretty good.  I found that it was a little difficult to tell the difference between past and the present in the flash back scenes but maybe that was just me.  Other than that I really enjoyed the film.

Why We Fight

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

Am I the only one that is reminded of the old superman cartoons like this one .  This was my first time really watching any form of propaganda films and i found it very interesting how the American filmmaker used the same video clips form Germany, Japan and Italy but just changed the voice overlap.  I guess these images were very powerful and evoke different emotions in people depending on what is being said as the film is being played, I found that very interesting.

citizen kane

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

I have never seen this movie before and I never really heard anything about it so I was watching this without any expectations and I honestly found it to be a good movie. I really enjoyed how the movie was filmed and little things that I did not know like this was the first movie where they filmed from such a low angle that you can see the ceiling and that small detail does add to the feeling of the scene.   Also the use of Mise en scene throughout the movie for example the scene where Charles was playing outside as a child and his parents were inside talking about him leaving his home, the window almost framed the boy playing outside and the camera was still very focused on both the boy outside and on the parents showing the importance of this scene because this moment is the one that changes Charles’ life forever.  I also did see the similarities with Charles Forster Kane William Randolph Hearst but in the case with Charles, I ended up feeling very sad for him.  Even though he was extremely rich and could buy anything that he wanted he was still very empty inside and through out the movie you can see that money was never really important to Charles, he was just like a big child having fun.  You can also see that the one thing that stayed in his mind was his sled from childhood “rosebud” showing that his mind kept those childhood memories as the best parts of his life and after that no matter how much money or power he had it could never compare to his life as a child with his parents.  I enjoyed this movie and I can see why it is considered such a great film.

The Public Enemy

Friday, September 17th, 2010

I personally liked this movie better that the previous movie M.  I guess I found several similarities with one of my favorite movies the 1983 version of scarface  of two friends rising up in the world of crime.  I really liked the how the director used the character’s mannerisms (Matt rubbing his nose) to show who was who in the scene when they went from being children to adults.  I also liked the scene when Tom and Matt left the party following their old boss who double crossed them and as the boss is walking down the street a black cat crosses his path and it was almost telling the audience that it was not going to end well for him.  I also liked the fact that Tom survived the first shooting because it almost gave the audience hope that he will live but i guess like in all movies the bad guy always dies.

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